April 14, 2016

Placement Activities

We believe that there is no dearth of Jobs for those who deserve it. With potent academic- industry interface & corporate/ PSUs officials descending on the campus with remarkable pace & frequency, the training & development efforts receive further boost with acclamation & admiration from all over. We believe that enviable journey of thousand miles begins with single step. Placement- right blend of the skills & opportunities remains second foundation of the career of the student which require us to be vigilant with new designs & concepts. With Ankit as worthy second constantly on wireless telephone establishing links with corporate offices & Mohit providing assistance in segregating datas judiciously, the institution is already agog with placement activities bringing excitement & motivation in the environment. 1. Personality Development Programmes 2. Campus Connect Programmes 3. Industrial Training & Visits Placement Process     

Pre-Placement Talk:

  • This session helps the students to know about a company in detail.
  • It’s a briefing session which is conducted before a company starts with its selection procedure.
  • It is helpful in a way that a student gets to know about the nitty gritty of a company and can be mentally prepared for the same.
  • During this process a company clarifies its aim, objectives, work profile, selection procedure and the nature of a job.

Curriculum Vitae/ Resume Submission:

  •  The students are required to submit their well formatted C.V/ Resume before or on the day of interview.
  • It must be visually appealing and perfect.
  • It must be updated with all essential information.

Short listing of Candidates:

The students are short listed on the basis of their academic records, training & projects, practical knowledge, communication skills, technical skills, aptitude and other achievements.

Campus Recruitment:

  • Our Placement Cell up skills its students prior to arrival of companies according to their procedure of selection.
  • Companies are requested to inform the placement committee about their selection procedure like group discussion, case studies, personal interviews, written test, pronunciation skills, communication skills etc. before their arrival in campus.
  • They are requested to announce the list of selected candidates on the day of campus drive itself after the selection process along with the appointment letter.
  • Our Training & Placement Cell is looking forward to consider any other brainchild from the recruiters to promote stronger relations.

Tips for students:

Attend company’s presentation talk:
  • To know about the background of a company.
  • To get acknowledged with its essential facts.
  • To get accurate and required information.

Prepare fresh Curriculum Vitae (CV):

CV is considered as an important key when one is applying for a job. One has to pay the heed while preparing it, as it should be effective and well prepared. Before coming for an interview one must go through its certain requirements:
  • The career’s objective has to be mentioned carefully as it serves as a mirror for one in getting a job.
  • Highlight key strengths and competence.
  • Mention interests and hobbies according to the nature of the applied job.
  • The experience during the course has to be mentioned like projects, under taken tasks( related to PD session, mock interviews etc), presentations, demos, attended or participated workshops, seminars, conferences & guest lectures.
  • Qualification has to be mentioned in the Reverse order.
  • The areas of improvement must show positive approach of a person.
  • The candidate has to put his signature after the declaration.

Carry a professional document folder:

One has to keep certain under-mentioned things positively before going for an interview:
  • All necessary documents original and photo copied.
  • 3-4 recent pass port size photographs.
  • A note pad and a pen.
  • 2-3 copies of a well written CV.

Interview Attire:

  • Always prefer formals.
  • It must compliment with neck-tie, footwears and hair style.
  • Decent colors attract more avoid funky and fast ones.
  • It must be cleaned and properly ironed.