April 14, 2016

Training & Placement

Thee long felt need of training & placement is recognized by the society at large therefore at RGGI an independent Training & Placement Department has been working under the able confident guidance of Head T&P, Mr. Manish Jeswal & Ms. Riju Panwar. The vision of the department has already been set to fill the gap between industries requirements and the caliber at hand. To equip students with practical knowledge, they are given exposure to industry and other establishment by organizing regular visits to industries. Training & Placement department is working 24×7 for the student’s placement & organizing number of Close and Pool Campus inviting MNCs & Corporate sector for recruitment of RGGI Students. In pious & humanity centric environment of Radha Govind Group of institutions, an integrated & synergized concept of training addressing thoughts & actions has been unfolded for developing just blend of personality & soft skills. word ‘personality’ has often been misunderstood to the point of beyond imagination having been linked with outer appearance. Personality is the particular combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioural response patterns of an individual. Soft skills are terms relating to a person’s EQ the cluster of personality traits, social graces, language, communication, personal habits, friendliness, and optimism that characterize relationship with other people. ‘Soft skills’ known as people skill are personal attributes that enhance an individual’s interaction, job performance and career prospect.

Bridging The Gap

Today in competitive market, being endowed with academic excellence & technically savvy alone will not do. There are scores of people who cannot cross the bridge to be in corporate & PSUs due to lack of grooming & social grace. Between equally qualified job applicants, the better groomed gets an edge. It is better to be looked at than be overlooked.

Beyond Curriculum

In our institute, soft skills & personality development are mandatory because it is not only knowledge in technical domain but the correct & balanced blend of skills & attitude that presents the reliable, flexible & survivable worker/entrepreneur/employee. Add on effects are further enhanced by creating vibrant interface of the industry with the students.

Value Based Approach

The personality development training modules are infused with age old values oriented approach to ensure cultivation of social, professional & personal growth to churn out class apart human beings & cut above professionals.